FreeBSD netboot

We maintain our own version of the FreeBSD "netboot" code, and we use it for booting the 60 or so diskless X-terminals in the department. The FreeBSD people have deprecated the use of netboot in favour of the "etherboot" project, but we continue to use netboot. Our version includes support for the Intel Etherexpress Pro cards, building on FreeBSD 3.x, and more recently ELF kernel support. The code is available in my netboot working source directory.
We currently use flash chips in most X-terminals, and program them with a FreeBSD flash utility (Some newer versions of the Intel Etherexpress cards have an Atmel flash chip soldered on the board; for these, a special Atmel version may work).


MMDF is the "Multi-channel Memo Distribution Facility", an ancient Mail Transport Agent (MTA) written around 1979-1986. We use MMDF to handle all mail within the department, but our version has changed almost unrecognisably from the original. As well as fixing a multitude of bugs and security issues in the original version, we have added many new features, and rewritten several sections of the code. Our development tree and (partial) change log are available.

FreeBSD libkvm tools

To help with debugging various FreeBSD kernel problems, I am slowly building up a selection of tools that use libkvm to print out various queues and structures from system core dumps. They can also be used (somewhat unreliably) on a quiet running system. So far I have: All of these tools are based on the the source code for FreeBSD's fstat(1).

1995 Irish Micromouse competition

I was on the team that built the winning entry at the 1995 Irish Micromouse competition. Some pictures and details are available.

Amstrad CPC

Before going to college, most of my experience of computers came from tinkering with hardware and software on the Amstrad CPC series computers. My CPC464 (which is in an attic at home right now) was substantially modified over the space of a few years; here are some of the additions:

I finally got around to unpacking my CPC recently; here are some photos .