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With generous donation from Raymond Russell and Corvil Networks the Hamilton Mathematics Institute and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies are pleased to announce the 2008 John Lewis lecture

K.R. Sreenivasan, ICTP, Trieste

Cryogenic Turbulence

7.30 Wednesday 23 April 2008

Schroedinger LT, Fitzgerald Bldg, TCD

SUPERFLUID LIQUID HELIUM exhibits quantum mechanical behaviour on a laboratory scale; like the energy levels of an atom, the angular momentum of vortices in a superfluid is quantized. This gives turbulence in liquid helium some strange particle-like behaviour and this quantized turbulence is very interesting, not least as a window into classical turbulence itself.

Picture of KR SreenivasanK.R. SREENIVASAN has had a stellar career, formerly a distinguished professor at Yale, he is now the Abdus Salam Professor and Director of the International Center of Theoretical Physics in Trieste. He is widely regarded as a king of turbulence. Among others, he has done groundbreaking work on fractal structures in turbulent flows. His John Lewis lecture will include new results on quantized turbulence, and put them in an historical perspective.

THE JOHN LEWIS LECTURE is held each year in memory of John Lewis. John was a senior professor at DIAS and at DIT who did pioneering work on Large Deviation Theory, Bose-Einstein condensates and networks such as the Internet. He was a founding patron of the HMI, he founded Corvil, a leading technology company and co-founded the Irish branch of Pugwash which campaigns for nuclear disarmament. He is much missed as an educator, colleague and friend.

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