Conor Houghton


Conor Houghton


Department of Mathematics
Trinity College
Dublin 2, Ireland

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MNLab The mathematical neuroscience laboratory

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MA1262 C++.
MA3466 Information theory.

Archive - Teaching

MA3471 Mathematical neuroscence.
MA22S3 Fourier analysis for scientists.
1S1 Mathematics for scientists.
481++ C++ with examples from mathematical neuroscience.
481 Mathematical neuroscience.
231 Equations of mathematical physics.
2E2 Maths methods for engineers. (LaTeX)
442 Relativity and cosmology.
445 Group theory and topology in physics.
543 Topology and geometry in physics.
123 Mathematics methods for scientists.
3021 Introducing relativity and cosmology.

The picture is "Haida Frog", a print by Clarence Mills which I bought in the Coastal Peoples Gallery in Vancouver.