The scientific part of the school will consist of three main elements:

1. Morning: 3 one-hour lectures in the morning

2. Late afternoon: 1 hour of short presentations given by the participants of the school (voluntary, but strongly encouraged)

3. Early evening: Computational and experimental tutorials/labs.

The early afternoon will be free for discussions, project work or leisure activities.

Lectures begin on Tuesday, 10th of January at 8.45 am and finish Friday noon, 20th of January. Sunday is free.

Arrival at Les Houches, Ecole de Physique on Monday the 9th, in the afternoon after 15:00. Departure from Les Houches, Ecole de Physique on Friday the 20th, after lunch.





Section title (click for more information)
Introduction to the physics of foams
1 h
From film to foam
4 h
Space filling cellular patterns
4 h
Equilibrium and energy minimisation
5 h
Foam and emulsion rheology
5 h
Foam drainage
3 h
Practical aspects
5 h
3 h
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30 one-hour lectures (not in chronological order)

Introduction to the physics of foams
1 h
Definitions and vocabulary, history, problems  
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From film to foam
4 h


foaming and antifoaming agents
Single films:
stability, rupture, disjunction pressure, matching to Plateau borders
Interface mechanics:
surface elasticity and viscosity
Film, Plateau borders, vertices, bubbles, foams
Pressures in foams:
disjunction, osmotic, hydrostatic, Laplace
Fabrication of foams:
basic theory, introduction to tutorials
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Space filling cellular patterns
4 h
Pattern formation: different mechanisms leading to cellular patterns  
Foam topology: Euler and topological Gauss theorems  
Solid cellular materials: relations with fluid foams  
Biological cellular structures: relations with fluid foams  
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Equilibrium and energy minimisation
5 h
Minimal surfaces:
equations, zero or constant mean curvature, relations with fluid foams  
2D foams: Plateau rules, consequences, minimal perimeter problem, honeycomb  
3D foams: Plateau rules, consequences, minimal surface problem, Kelvin, Weaire-Phelan  
Dry foam coarsening: review in 2D and 3D, growth law, scaling exponent, scaling state  
Aging in other systems: Ostwald ripening, colloids, pastes, emulsions, wet foams  
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Foam and emulsion rheology
5 h
Complex fluids in general:
basic notions, yield, viscoelasticity, granular media  
Foam elasticity: elastic modulus, effect of fluid fraction  
Foam plasticity: rearrangements  
Dissipation: foam flows, local and global dissipations  
Stresses: dilatancy, normal stresses  
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Foam drainage
3 h
Theories, experiments and simulations
Forced, free, pulsed and oscillatory drainage
Boundary conditions
Microgravity and capillary driven diffusion
Microscopic drainage: single Plateau border, single film  
Drainage instabilities: convective, meandering  
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Practical aspects  
5 h
3D non-invasive imaging: optical and X-ray tomography, NMR, confocal microscopy  
Non-invasive probes: conductivity, acoustics
Waves and random media: sound, light, shocks  
Simulations: introduction to tutorials; energy minimisation, continuous media, viscous froth  
Industrial applications
Microfluidics: confined flows, including discrete microfluidics with foams  
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3 h
Open problems: yield, fractures , scaling state, future 2006 open problems
Emerging questions in 2006
Summary and conclusion
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• Basic foam fabrication and manipulations
• Advanced foam fabrication
• Tomography and 3D image reconstruction
• Multiple light scattering
• Drainage
• Protein-stabilised foams
• Particle-stabilised foams
• Diffusing wave spectroscopy
• Conductivity measurements
• Rheometry
• Magnetic foams
• Fabrication of foams
• Image analysis and morphometry
• Strain and force measurements
• Interface properties and stability of films
• Current open problems: yield, 3D scaling state
• Emerging topics: foams for microfluidics, fractures
• Acoustics of foams
• Acoustics of disordered media/relations with liquid foams
• Potts model
• Surface Evolver
• Simulations of dissipation
• Pedagogy and popular science: models, bubbles, soap films
• Surface tension and other industrial measurements
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10.1. (Tue)

Gaelle, Andretta
Santinit, Eva
Tchoukov, Plamen
Carrier, Vincent
Marze, Sebastien

11.1. (Wed) Cervantes, Alfredo
Somosvari, Bela Marton
Dame, Cecile
Bikard, Jerome
Babcsan, Norbert

12.1. (Thu) Mokso, Rajmund
Terriac, Emmanuel
Van der Net, Antje
Delaney, Gary
13.1. (Fri)

Durand, Mark
Gay, Cyprien
Janiaud, Eric
Du, DonhXing
Rajchenbach, Rajchenbach

14.1. (Sat) no presentations  
15.1. (Sun) no presentations  
16.1. (Mon) Krishan, Kapil
Goldenberg, Chay
Cixous, Pierre
Ramaioli, Marco
Fritz, Christelle
17.1. (Tue)   Raven, Jan-Paul
Lorenceau, Elise
Yip Cheung, Sang Yann
Marchalot, Julien
Derec, Caroline
18.1. (wed) Feitosa, Klebert
Boyaval, Sebastien
Kaefer, Jos
Canete, Antonio
Gochew, Georgi

19.1. (Thu) no presentations  
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