The registration forms of all participants will be compiled in a small booklet which will be handed out at the beginning of the school. They fulfil various important purposes:

1. They provide us with your details, which we need to contact you and to assign appropriate rooms. They also help us to arrange the sessions for short presentations given by the participants.

2. They give the lecturers an idea what background people have.

3. They will not only make it easier for people to start networking with participants of similar interests from the very beginning of the school, but everybody will have a booklet to take home with all the necessary contact details and background information about the participants of the school.

You must fill in all the fields which do not contain a “*”. It is left to you, to decide what and how much to put into the *-fields. Keep in mind that it may be very useful for people to know more details about your interests and even what you look like (photograph) so that they can find and remember you more easily. The field “Additional information” is entirely left to your own imagination. Whether you want to advertise positions or share a bubbly poem is up to you.

Here is an example: