Subject: Wordhunt words
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 20:57:04 +0000

Hi BBC Wordhunt people,

I've managed to get some early references to some of your phrases
in Usenet newsgroups. I've found older references to two of the
phrases, and have matched a few others. I'm pretty sure that I can
beat "hoodie", but I'll need to contact some old school friends


Pole Dance
Naturally, Usenet can offer you a pole dance before 1992, infact
on Jul 24 1991 we have pole dancing:

Duh Brain
The other one that is strictly before the date that you give is
"duh brain" on Dec 17 1996:

Interestingly, this is in a group on eating disorders, which with
your J-17 issue may say something about the community using this

One Sandwich short of a picnic
Searching for phrases like "one sandwich short of a picnic" is interesting.
The first hit I get is May 18 1992:

however, the phrase cannot be in wide circulation at this time because
someone had compiled a list of such expressions (Mar 11 1992) and it is
not listed:

There is an 1985 post on "idioms denoting insanity" which includes
"one brick shy of a load" and says there are many variants of this

Regime change

I'm afraid I can only match your 1991 here (Nov 2 1991):

In use in a newsgroup on Pakistan.

Sick Puppy

Two references in 1985, but nothing earlier. Jun 18 1985:

and on Aug 28 1985: