I sent antedatings for some words in January from Usenet (now
listed here
and said I'd try to get back to you on "hoodie" when I'd found some
written evidence.

My memory of hoodie is that it was used in Dublin to refer to the
clothing. The people who wore them were called "hoods" and there
would be a definite link in people's minds to hoodlum, meaning some
sort of petty criminal. Somewhere around 1989-1992 I remember a
friend singing (to the tune of "the wheels of the bus go round and

	The hoods on the bus go "giz your odds",
	"giz your odds", "giz your odds",
	The hoods on the bus go "giz your odds",
	and then they stab ya.

("Giz your odds" meaning "Give me your money"). Hoods was in very
common usage at the time in my peer group, and the hoodie tops were
worn exclusively by hoods. Another friend remembers a heavy metal
band playing a gig in Dublin and coming on stage wearing hoodies.
There was audible shock in the crowd that metal heads might wear
hoodie tops.

Despite a long search through letters, school journals and friend's
memories, I've been unable to find any early written evidence of
this.  I could probably date some of this a little better, but with
no written evidence, so I doubt it is of much interest. FWIW, I
recall that "hoods" came before "hoodie" in wide usage.