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Monographs freely available online

Gérard Debreu (1959), Theory of Value: An Axiomatic Analysis of Economic Equilibrium

Lecture Notes

Jonathan Levin: Teaching and Lecture Notes
This is a link to the Teaching and Lecture Notes page of Professor Jonathan Levin at Stanford University. There are lecture notes for Graduate Microeconomics (Economics 202 and Economics 203). The notes on General Equilibrium discuss in particular the proof of existence theorems for equilibria in economic models using the Kakutani Fixed Point Theorems.
Homepage for Mark Walker at the University of Arizona
Mark Walker is Karl Eller Professor of Economics at the University of Arizona. He makes available from his homepage notes for lecture courses that he teaches, including Economics 519: Mathematics for Economists and Economics 501B: Microeconomics.

Videos of Lectures by Gérard Debreu

Géerard Debreu was one of the leading economists in the development of mathematical economics from the 1950s onwards. His paper with Kenneth Arrow proving the existence of equilibria in economic models with producers and consumers was published in 1954. He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1983.

Gérard Debreu, Lecture 1 of 4 on Economic Theory (1987) (UC Erskine webcast, June 15, 1987, available on YouTube)
Note that Debreu was presented with a microphone 1 minute and 25 seconds into this lecture, and the audio improves!
Gérard Debreu, Lecture 2 of 4 on Economic Theory (1987) (UC Erskine webcast, June 19, 1987, available on YouTube)
Gérard Debreu, Lecture 3 of 4 on Economic Theory (1987) (UC Erskine webcast, June 22, 1987, available on YouTube)
This video is mislabelled as Lecture 4 of 4 on YouTube.
Gérard Debreu, Lecture 4 of 4 on Economic Theory (1987) (UC Erskine webcast, June 26, 1987, available on YouTube)
This video is mislabelled as Lecture 3 of 4 on YouTube.

Further Videos

Stanford Engineering Hero Lecture: Kenneth Arrow (Stanford online, available on YouTube)
This is a lecture for a general audience, essentially autobiographical, where Arrow describes how, with a background in mathematics and statistics, his career developed through wartime work in meteorology and the then new field of “operations research”. He describes his developing awareness of the development of Linear Programming and the Simplex Method by George Dantzig and, in the Soviet Union, by Kantorovich, and of the growing importance of computing in solving problems arising in this field. He subsequently came to Stanford University with a joint appointment as a professor of Economics and Statistics. Arrow starts discussing General Equilibrium 50 minutes into the lecture.
Masters of Finance: Ken Arrow (The Americal Financial Association, available on YouTube)
Arrow Debreu and Option Pricing Part 1, (ECON 337901 Financial Economics, Peter Ireland, Boston Collee, Spring 2015)