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MA3427 - Algebraic Topology I
Dr. David R. Wilkins

Module Content in Michaelmas Term 2018

Examination Material Michaelmas Term 2018

Important Note

In the academic year 2018/19, candidates may be examined both on results selected from the module content (bookwork), and also on problems etc. that can be solved on the basis of the results and methods in the delivered content, assuming basic material from prerequisite modules that can reasonably be assumed as background knowledge.

Module content may be delivered in both in the form of printable material available in the form of printable notes or slides, and also through extempore presentation during lectures, e.g., through unscripted “chalk and talk”. There is no guarantee that all bookwork assumed for examination purposes will be included in the printed notes! Also there is no guarantee that examined material from the notes will have been discussed in lectures. Those taking the module are expected to attend lectures on a regular basis and take down adequate notes of material, diagrams etc. that are not included in the printable notes distributed through the website. Those not able to attend a particular lecture should at least ensure that they obtain adequate notes from someone who had attended.

It is intended that only a selection of material from the printed notes will be included in the verbal presentation in lectures. That verbal presentation might well discuss the background to the results in greater depth than in the notes, and possibly make extensive use of visual material such as diagrams.

Candidates may in particular be examined on material included in the printable notes but not discussed verbally in lectures.

Module content to be considered in the weeks preceding Study Week

A4 printable format:

Beamer Presentation format:

Section 1: Results concerning Topological Spaces (Weeks 1 and 2)
Section 2: Winding Numbers of Closed Paths in the Complex Plane (Week 3)
Section 3: The Fundamental Group of a Topological Space (Week 4)
Section 4: Covering Maps (Week 5)
Section 5: Discontinuous Group Actions and Orbit Spaces (Week 6)

Other Material for Michaelmas Term 2018

Course Material from Previous Years

The following material is available from previous years:

The equivalent module to MA3427 in the academic year 2016/17 was module MA342R (Covering Spaces and Fundamental Groups), taught in Hilary Term 2017. Modules MA3427 and MA3428 were preceded by a full year module, module MA421. For further information regarding examinations in previous years, including worked solutions where available, see the webpage Past Examination Papers relevant to MA342R.

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Dr. David R. Wilkins, School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin.