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ET7246 - Geometry and Trigonometry
Dr. David R. Wilkins
Resources for the study of the History of Geometry and Trigonometry

Automated Theorem Proving

Herbert Gelernter, Realization of a Geometry Theorem-Proving Machine
In Proceedings of the International Conference Information Processing, pp. 273–282, Paris, June 15–20, 1959.
(Available on the website).

Fractal Geometry

Exploring the Mandelbrot set. The Orsay Notes (Adrien Douady and John H. Hubbard)
These notes exemplify the type of research undertaken by pure mathematicians when studying the geometry and topology of fractal sets such as the Mandelbrot set.

Formal Proof and the Development of Mathematics

Archive of Mathsy State Exams Papers
Compiled by David Malone and Hazel Murray, Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University

Formal Proof and the Development of Mathematics

William P. Thurston, On Proof and Progress in Mathematics
This article, by William P. Thurston (1946-2012), appeared in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 30, Number 2, April 1994, 161–177.

Dr. David R. Wilkins, School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin.