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School of Mathematics

MA1S11 Discrete Mathematics for Scientists (first semester) 2010-11


Lecturer: Derek Kitson

Course outline:

There are two parts to MA1S11, the other part is Calculus with Dr. Stefan Sint.

The complete syllabus and assessment information are here.

Past exam papers can be found here.

Here are exam solutions for last year. exam2010.pdf

Here is the May exam from this year. exam2011.pdf


Notice: If you are taking the supplemental exam and would like help preparing then drop in to the Mathematics Help Room between 1-3pm Monday-Friday in the Seminar Room (2.6), School of Mathematics. The service is running from 8th August until the end of the exams.


For additional reading material here are notes compiled by Prof Richard Timoney.


Lecture times:


Computer labs: Starting 1st November. The timetable is listed on the noticeboard outside the computer labs.



Tuesday   9:00  Hamilton Building  Salmon Lecture Theatre  Group AA8
Wednesday 13:00 Fitzgerald Building (Physics) PHYLLT  Group AA5
Thursday 12:00 Museum Building M21 Group AA1
Thursday 12:00 East End 4/5 LTEE2 Group AA3
Thursday 16:00 SNIAM SNIAM LT Group AA2
Thursday 16:00 Museum Building M20 Group AA4
Friday 12:00 Hamilton Building Salmon Lecture Theatre Group AA7
Friday 14:00 Hamilton Building Synge Lecture Theatre Group AA6


Maths help rooms:
If you would like help with your maths courses the School of Mathematics is running a free drop-in service.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday   1-2pm  Seminar Room (2.6)  School of Mathematics
Tuesday 12-1pm Chemistry Lecture Theatre Chemistry Building
Thursday 12-1pm Seminar Room (2.6)  School of Mathematics


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