School of Mathematics
Course 372 - Microprocessor Systems and Software Engineering 1999-2000 (Optional JS & SS Mathematics, SS Two-subject Moderatorship )
Lecturer: Mr. M. Brady, Professor N. Harris (Computer Science)
Requirements/prerequisites: 262

Duration: 22 weeks

Number of lectures per week: 3 and 1 tutorial and weekly scheduled practicals


End-of-year Examination: Two 3-hour examinations, one at the end of the first semester (late January/early February), the other at the end of the Academic year.

Description: Course 372 is in fact two JS engineering semester courses: 3D1 & 3D3. 3D1 is the first semester, covering microprocessor architecture and assembly language programming. 3D3 is in the second semester, covering introduction to operating systems and file organisation.
(Students are advised to take course 372 in the Junior Sophister year and course 362 in the Senior Sophister year).

May 12, 1999