School of Mathematics
Course 374 - Cryptography & Information Theory 1998-99 (JS & SS Mathematics )
Lecturer: Michael Purser & Timothy Murphy

Duration: 21 weeks

Number of lectures per week: 3

Assessment: Cryptography will account for 60% of the overall mark; Information Theory for 40%. Cryptography will be marked entirely by Exam. There may be a Project element in Information Theory.

End-of-year Examination: One 3-hour examination


This course is in 2 independent parts: Cryptography, given by Dr Purser; and Information Theory, given by Dr Murphy.

Dr Pursers's part of the course will be marked by Examination; Dr Murphy's part will also be marked by Examination, with a possible contribution by Project.

Dr Purser's part of the course will start in November.

1  Cryptography

This course discusses cryptography with particular reference to computer networks.

Topics (not necessarily in order of appearance):

2  Information Theory

This course will cover Algorithmic Information Theory, a subject which marries Shannon's original Statistical Information Theory to the concepts of computability and Turing machines.

According to Algorithmic Information Theory, the informational content, or entropy, of a string may be measured by the minimum length to which the string can be compressed.

Notes for the course are available on the Maths Unix System in very"/usr/local/pub/AlgorithmicInformationTheory". Read README before printing them out.

Jun 10, 1998