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School of Mathematics

Mathematics in Two-Subject Moderatorship 2011-12

(for the combination Mathematics + Economics only)

Senior Sophister Year (pattern B)

Note that these details are not yet final and are still subject to change.

In the Senior Sophister year, students who continue with Mathematics (rather than majoring in their other subject) must either continue with both subjects [an option available in a limited number of combinations] or major in Mathematics (which is pattern B). This page relates to pattern B.

Pattern B students take a total of 60 ECTS credits, which may includes a project (or dissertation). Half the credits excluding the dissertation should be taken in each term. Unless indicated modules are 5 ECTS units.

All module choices are subject to them being possible within the timetable.

Michaelmas term

Other modules may also be considered subject to approval.

Hilary term

Further modules may also be considered subject to approval.

Year long modules