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Module MA4491 - Research Assignment 2009-10 (SS Mathematics, SS Theoretical Physics, SS Two-subject Moderatorship )
Lecturer: Professor Richard Timoney

Requirements/prerequisites: Students must find a member of staff in College willing to supervise their work and must agree the arrangements with the course coordinator. Please consult the coordinator for suggestions about suitable topics and supervisors. 5 credits

Number of lectures per week:

Assessment: Written thesis and viva presentation

End-of-year Examination:

Description: Assignments should be comparable as regards the amount of work required to a 5 credit module. The work can be done over the academic year or in one term, but should include a written account or a report to be handed in 3 weeks before the end of Hilary term. Beore the end of Hilary term a viva-voce presentation will be scheduled.

These assignments are intended to be less extensive than a 10 credit project (module MA4492) and this would normally be reflected in a more tightly defined plan for what is to be done. That would normally imply a restricted amount of background reading, and cases where there is an element of original work (such as a computer programme, or an analysis of data, or a calculation), the depth of the work expected and the student time anticipated for its completion be commensurate with the 5 credit weighting.

The grading system will be a modification of that used for module MA4492.

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