School of Mathematics School of Mathematics
Course 121 - Introduction to Analysis 2007-08 (JF Mathematics, JF Theoretical Physics, JF Two-Subject Moderatorship, SF Two-Subject Moderatorship)
Lecturer: Dr. Paschalis Karageorgis
Requirements/prerequisites: Some mathematical intuition

Duration: Full year

Number of lectures per week: 4 + 1 tutorial

Assessment: Homework Homework assignments every other week. Exams at the end of the Michaelmas term and at the end of Hilary term.
End-of-year Examination: A 3-hour paper.

Description: See for more complete information.

The course will cover the following topics, yet not necessarily in the order listed.

Textbook. Although there is no official textbook for the course, some typical references are

  1. Calculus by Michael Spivak,
  2. Principles of mathematical analysis by Walter Rudin,
  3. Differential and integral calculus by Edmund Landau.

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