School of Mathematics School of Mathematics
Course 141 - Mechanics 1 2006-07 (JF Mathematics, JF Theoretical Physics & SF Two-subject Moderatorship )
Lecturer: M.P. Fry
Requirements/prerequisites: None

Number of lectures per week: 3

Assessment: Weekly assignments counting 25%

End-of-year Examination: One 3-hour exam


The following topics are covered: vectors, Newton's laws, conservation of momentum, Newtonian gravity, inertial and accelerated reference frames, Galilean transformations, motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields, conservative forces, conservation of energy, two-particle dynamics, conservation of angular momentum, rigid body dynamics, two-body central force problem, including scattering. Students are encouraged to study nonlinear dynamics, chaos and celestial dynamics using computers.

Objectives: This course aims to present the principles of elementary classical mechanics. It also seeks to introduce at an early stage the methods of scientific reasoning and research.

Textbooks: D. Kleppner and R. Kolenkow, An Introduction to Mechanics.

Mar 26, 2007

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