School of Mathematics School of Mathematics
Course 123 - Mathematical Methods course for JF Natural Sciences. 2003-2004 (JF Natural Sciences)
Lecturer: C. Ford
Requirements/prerequisites: None
Duration: 24 weeks
Number of lectures per week: 2 + 1 problems class
Assessment: See below
End-of-year Examination: See below

Michaelmas term

Inequalities, Lines and circles, graphs, functions, limits and continuity, differentiation.

Hilary Term

Trigonometry, stationary points, inverse functions, integration, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Trinity Term

Logarithms and the exponential function, further integration, geometric series, linear algebra, matrices and determinants.



  1. Frequent problem sheets (which do not contribute to the final mark).

  2. Multiple-choice test at the end of Michaelmas and Hilary term. 3 hour examination at the end of Trinity term.

    There will be a computer project during Hilary term. The contributions to the final mark are as follows: :

    Michaelmas term test 10%
    Hilary term test 10%
    Computer project 10%
    Final exam 70%

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