School of Mathematics School of Mathematics
Course 2BA1 - Mathematics for SF Computer Scientists 2000-2001 (SF Computer Science and CS Linguistics & a Language )
Lecturer: Dr. D. R. Wilkins
Requirements/prerequisites: 1BA1 - A course in calculus and linear algebra.

Number of lectures per week: 3

Assessment: Assignments counting 10%

End-of-year Examination: One three hour examination


  1. The Principle of Mathematical Induction.

  2. Sets and functions: power sets; binary relations; congruences; equivalence relations; partial orders and lattices; Cartesian products; functions between sets; inverse functions; injective, surjective and bijective functions; partial mappings.

  3. Graphs: incidence and adjacency matrices, complete graphs, bipartite graphs; connectedness and components; Euler trails; Hamilton paths; forests and trees; directed graphs.

  4. Algebraic structures: semigroups, monoids and groups; homomorphisms and isomorphisms.

  5. Grammars: phrase structure and Chomsky hierarchy; Languages: context free and regular; Machines: finite state acceptors

  6. Ordinary Differential Equations: higher order, initial and boundary value problems
  7. Fourier Series: orthonormal functions, Euler coefficients, half-range expansions, truncated series approximation.


  1. M. Piff, Discrete Mathematics, Cambridge University Press.

  2. Judith L. Gersting, Mathematical Structures for Computer Science, W. H. Freeman.

  3. D. J. Cooke & H. E. Bez, Computer Mathematics, Cambridge University Press.

  4. R. P. Grimaldi, Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, Addison-Wesley.

  5. W. E. Boyce & R. C. DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations, John Wiley.

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