School of Mathematics School of Mathematics
Course 1S1 - Mathematics for Science students 2000-01 (JF Mathematics as a whole subject within the Natural Science Moderatorships. JF Human Genetics. JF Computational Physics and Chemistry. JF Medicinal Chemistry. JF Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials. )
Lecturer: Dr. S. McMurry
Requirements/prerequisites: None

Number of lectures per week: 2 lectures per week in Michaelmas Term, 2.5 in Hilary and Trinity Terms, plus a tutorial every third week.
Assessment: Work during the year counts ?% towards the final result.

End-of-year Examination: Three hour exam. Result is combined with results of 1S2/4 and 1S3.


Essential Reference

  1. Howard Anton, Calculus: a new horizon (6th edition), Wiley, 1998.

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