Irish Quantum Foundations      30-31 May 2014


Irish Quantum Foundations has grown out of the older Irish Quantum Field theory meeting initially organised by S. Sen and C. Nash and stretching back to 1994. In the spirit of last year's inaugural meeting, this year we will again cover topics in QFT and offer scientists in Ireland, in particular junior colleagues, an opportunity to present work in related fields.

This year's event will take place at Trinity College Dublin.

There is no registration fee and the event is open to all.

Public Outreach Lecture

"The Cosmic Microwave Background: New Views of the Early Universe"

Créidhe O'Sullivan (NUI Maynooth)

This is an exciting time for cosmology. Our understanding of the Universe has been transformed in the last 15 years and we now believe that while it contains only 5% ordinary matter, almost two-thirds of the Universe is made of a mysterious "dark energy".

The cosmic microwave background (CMB), relic radiation from the Big Bang, has been one of our most important sources of information about the early Universe and many believe that we have, for the first time, detected the signature of the gravitational waves produced by an early rapid inflation of the Universe.

In this presentation I will talk about the origin and importance of the CMB and describe some of the recent results from satellite and ground-based experiments such as Planck and BICEP2.

7:30pm, Thursday May 29th, JM Synge Lecture Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin

This event is free. Tickets can be reserved here.

Invited Speakers

  • Anton Akhmerov (Delft)

  • Sheer El-Showk (CERN) - to be confirmed

  • Sinead Farrington (Warwick)

  • David Jennings (Imperial College London)

  • Kyriakos Papadodimas (Groningen)

  • Erik Verlinde (Amsterdam) - L. O'Raifeartaigh Lecturer

Local Organisers

John Bulava (TCD)
Tristan McLoughlin (TCD)
Eoin Ó Colgáin (Stony Brook)
Jon-Ivar Skullerud (NUIM)
Joost Slingerland (NUIM)