Pisier's operator Hilbert space


Richard M. Timoney


Analysis Seminar 25/2/1997


The object of this seminar is to explain the definition of Pisier's operator Hilbert space, as is done in the beginning of his monograph [7] . Pisier's definition and proof of the main universal properties take only the first few pages of the monograph. However, one needs to be comfortable with thinking in terms of certain of the concepts in the theory of operator spaces before one can digest these few pages. We begin with an overview of these aspects of the theory.

Table of Contents

1 Operator Spaces

1.1 Concrete operator spaces

1.2 Abstract operator spaces

2 Examples of operator spaces

3 The dual of an operator space is an operator space

4 Examples of duals of operator spaces

4.1 The complex conjugate of a space

5 The operator Hilbert Space



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