Applying for membership

Applications should be made through the Treasurer,
Professor Götz Pfeiffer
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics,
NUI Galway,
University Road,

To apply, send an application form to the Treasurer together with one year's subscription. All applications need to be approved by the Committee.

Subscription Rates (as of 2019)

To set up a standing order for annual payment of subscriptions, please complete a standing order form and present it to your bank. (Some online banking services allow standing order setup.)

Reciprocity Agreements

The Society has a number of reciprocity agreements with other mathematical scoieties.

The reduced membership fee is €15 for IMTA, DMV, RSME, NZMS, MMS members and the American Mathematical Society (reduced membership fee is US$ 20 for AMS members).

The Society is a member of the European Mathematical Society and individual IMS members may join the European Society at a reduced rate.