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Irish Mathematical Society

Applying for membership

Applications should be made through the Treasurer,
Dr Götz Pfeiffer
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics,
NUI Galway,
University Road,

The normal rate is Euro 25 for ordinary individual members; Euro 12.50 for a student attending an institution which is an Institutional member. Life membership is also available for Euro 300. To apply, send an application form (download and print one here) to the Treasurer together with one year's subscription. To set up a standing order for annual payment of subscriptions, please complete a standing order form (accessible here in PDF format) and present it at your bank. Applications need to be approved by the Committee.

There are reciprocity agreements with the Irish Mathematics Teachers' Association, the German Mathematical Society [Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung], the Spanish Royal Society for Mathematics, the New Zealand Mathematical Society, the Moscow Mathematical Society (reduced membership fee is Euro 12.50 for IMTA, DMV, RSME, NZMS or MMS members) and the American Mathematical Society (reduced membership fee is US$ 15 for AMS members). There is a special reduction for members who have reached 65 years of age and have been members for at least 5 years (they pay the student rate).

The Society is a member of the European Mathematical Society and individual IMS members may join the European Society at the reduced rate of Euro 24 per year. The normal rate is Euro 48. Contact the IMS Treasurer to obtain reduced rate membership of the European Mathematical Society.

There is a category for Institutional members (Euro 160 per year, which includes up to 10 nominated student memberships).

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