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Irish Mathematical Society

The Irish Mathematical Society aims to further Mathematics and Mathematical research in Ireland. Its membership is international, but it mainly represents mathematicians in Universities and other third level institutes in Ireland.


The Society publishes a Bulletin twice per year (July and December approximately).

Annual conference

The IMS runs an annual conference in September, both devoted to mathematical topics from current research to educational issues.

Education sub-Committee

The Society has a sub-committee to discuss issues and formulate positions concerning Mathematics education. The sub-committee has produced a Short Guide to Second-level Maths.

Journal exchange agreements

There are exchange agreements for the Bulletin with several societies and journals worldwide

Membership reciprocity agreements

Reciprocity agreements are in place between the IMS and a number of other mathematical societies.

European Mathematical Society.

The Society is a member of the European Mathematical Society.

Conference support grants

The IMS Committee provides financial assistance to the cost of running conferences and meetings of a mathematical nature, within its means. Applications for support are made via the Treasurer. See this list of recent grants approved and guidelines for applications available here.

Fergus Gaines Cup

The Fergus Gaines Cup is awarded annually by the Society to the best performer in the Irish Mathematical Olympiad (IrMO).