Note on `Sir W. R. Hamilton' by Augustus De Morgan: List of Publications

The list of the publications of Hamilton given in the obituary of Sir William Rowan Hamilton by Augustus De Morgan published in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. 1 (1866) is neither wholly accurate nor complete. In many instances Hamilton's papers are assigned to the wrong periodicals.

In addition, one of Hamilton's papers was wrongly listed as `Geometrical Rests in Space', and has here been corrected to `Geometrical Nets in Space'.

A substantially more accurate and complete bibliography of Hamilton's publication and related works is to be found in the List of papers, memoirs, addresses, and books published by Sir William Rowan Hamilton, and of Notices of Communications appended to the third and final volume of the Life of Sir William Rowan Hamilton by Robert Perceval Graves (Dublin: Hodges, Figgis and Co., Vol. III (1889), pp. 645-658.)

David R. Wilkins

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