A Defence of Free-Thinking in Mathematics

By George Berkeley

A Defence of Free-Thinking in Mathematics, by George Berkeley is available here in the following formats:

The TeX source file is also available.

The text is based on original 1735 Dublin edition. A note on the text is included with the PDF, PostScript and DVI versions, but not with the HTML version.

A Defence of Free-Thinking in Mathematics was written in response to criticisms of The Analyst in Geometry no Friend to Infidelity; or a Defence of Sir Isaac Newton and the British Mathematicians, by `Philalethes Cantabrigiensis' (Dr. James Jurin, a noted Cambridge scientist and physician), and Vindication of Sir Isaac Newton's Principles of Fluxions, by J. Walton. Berkeley responded to a subsequent pamphlet of Walton with Reasons for not replying to Mr. Walton's Full Answer.


D.R. Wilkins
School of Mathematics
Trinity College, Dublin