Network layout in Maths

Tue Aug 20 2013

Room 1.7

The biggest bit of network infrastructure is a stack of 3 Cisco Catalyst C3750-E switches ( They provide 3 x 48 gigabit ports plus 6 slots for 10G connections. Of these six 10G slots, one is free, one is used for a fibre connection to a C3650E in 19 basement comms rack, and the other 4 are using CX4 cable connections to servers in 1.7 (boyle, xenhosta, xenhostb [actually not live], xenhost0).

The connection to the College LAN and the Internet is provided via a 1G speed fibre to the ORI, terminating in a media converter, which in turn connects to a Netgear gigabit switch. That switch has a connection to mathgate, our firewall machine. A second gigabit card on mathgate connects to

Other connections on that external Netgear switch are for Netsoc.

The College wifi network has a Catalyst 3750-X with POE and its own fibre connection to the ORI. Our wifi network is connected to port 48 on that 3750-X, via a second Gigabit Netgear switch. Between that other Netgear switch and the main maths (wired) network there is wavegate, a diskless host providing DHCP and NAT to the wifi network. There are a number of physical (wire) connections to the wifi switch, providing visitors offices with wired connections [without the need to register MAC addresses].

There are also wired connections to the wifi network in certain rooms in house 19. This is achieved via a fibre connection to house 19, ending at media converter and a Netgear GS108 switch.

19 Basement

There are two switches in the basement of house 19, a Cisco Catalyst C3560E ( and a Netgear GSM7224V2 switch ( has 48 gigabit ports and two 10G capable slots, where just one of the 10G slots is in use for a link to in room 1.7. has 24 gigabit ports. Ports 21-24 are dual slots, which can either be regular wired slots or mini-gbics. Vlan1 is connected by a wire to

Outside basement of house 21 (comms for house 20)

There is a Cisco 2960-S Serie POE 10G ( with a 1Gb fibre link to comms room 1.7, connected via patch in ORI comms room. Ends at TP-Link media converter in 1.7.

At the moment all live points in Maths rooms in house 20 are connected to this switch, except for room 20.31a (Donal O'Donovan, Brendan Browne).

*Switch Port*
	HF201 [This was a mistake. Should be HF210.]
	Room 0.01 next to hall [This is in the Dean of Students room
	in fact.]
	Room 0.02 facing street
	Room 0.02 facing street
	Room 0.02 facing street
	Phone point - not patched
	Room 0.02 facing street
	Room 0.01next to hall
	HF212 	Room 0.01next to hall
	HF213 	Room 0.?? at back near house 21
	HF214 	Room 0.?? at back near house 21
	HF215 	Room 0.?? at back near house 21
	HF216 	Room 0.?? at back near house 21
	Room 20.32C
	HF005 	Room 20.32C
	HF006 	Room 20.32B
	HF008 	Room 20.32B
	HF015 	Room 20.32A facing street next to house 21
	HF017 	Room 20.32A facing street next to house 21
	HF019 	Room 20.32A facing street next to house 21