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3  Dates and deadlines

Dates for 2010
Exams already typed, in the office week Friday February 26th (just before reading week)
Exam meetings to take place Wed 3rd of March (times to be decided; two meetings, one for Maths and one for TP-Maths)
Exam period Monday April 26 - Fri 21st May - Note: Most Examinations may be over before by May 15th
All results due by Wed the 19th of May except for exceptional ones due as soon as possible
Preliminary Meetings will be on Wed & Thursday the 26th and 27th of May
Examiners Meetings with Externs - Wednesday June 2nd
Publication of results - results for Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Moderatorships to be published 5pm, Wednesday June 2nd

It will be very helpful if all examiners for JS/SS modules can be available as needed during the period May 26th to June 2nd. We plan to deal with the Freshman modules before Friday June 4th.