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2  Preparation Procedure

The procedure is that the Moderatorship examination question papers must be sent to the external examiner for comment/approval before the papers are sent off to the Senior Lecturer's office for duplication.

Before we do that we need to have a meeting among the examiners to discuss the papers. The aim of the meeting is to identify (and address) as many issues as we can [in advance of the external examiner being sent the papers].

The College Assessment and Examination Procedure Regulations state that for each module the External Examiner should be supplied with

  1. A Module Outline

    (The one at should be updated if it is not current)

  2. Examination

    The points awarded to each question, sub question, etc, should preferably be clearly written on the question paper.

  3. Model Solutions

    These should include an indication of what is pure bookmark and what is not.

  4. A marking scheme (not so necessary if the points are indicated on the question paper.)

Note: To make comparability across papers easier, we had agreed with the Extern, that each question will be marked out of 20 and then the totals scaled to give a percentage eventually.

The external examiners visit Dublin at the end of the examining period when the marking has been completed, to review the marking of the scripts and to make recommendations about standards. They are then present at the Moderatorship examiners meeting where their opinions, if any, carry strong weight.

Though it is permissible for an element of continuous assessment to be included in the final result for a module at Moderatorship level, care must be taken. There must be a system for making sure that a record is kept of all such work submitted and students must be clearly informed about deadlines, etc. If the weight given to such continuous assessment work is large (say more than 15%), the work must be kept for evaluation by the external examiner and the marks for the work must not be given to the students before the external examiner has a chance to recommend modifications.