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1  General Information

The Moderatorship examination in Mathematics for students of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (and for students of Mathematics within Two-subject moderatorship) is in two parts. The JS and SS examinations count equally.
The grading scheme for Moderatorship examinations has third class honors (lowest passing grade) at 40% and a first class honors at 70%. There are intermediate thresholds at 50% and 60% for second class honors (2nd division and 1st division). Although there are failing grades of F.1 (30%-39%), F.2 (0-29%) these do not have any direct significance. However, a student's average mark (plus the number of modules passed in the case of JS Maths) determines his or her results and care should be taken at all ends of the spectrum that the mark returned reflects the students work.
We have to award Gold Medals to students who end up with 80% in their Moderatorship result for Mathematics or Theoretical Physics. For TSM, there are more complicated rules, but still marks above 80% should be a sign of a really exceptional performance.

1.1  Design of examination papers

In particular, the questions and the marking scheme on the papers must allow weak students to show what they know, but should not allow the best students to get excessively good marks. That said, only truly exceptional students can deserve high marks.
In practice this means the following: