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Trinity College Dublin

TCD Mathematics

School of Mathematics

Questions and answers about Examinations

This is intended for examiners in Mathematics

  1. How do I write an exam paper?
  2. Do I need to make model solutions?
  3. How to I keep the exam secure?
  4. When do I discuss the exam with others?
  5. Who is the external examiner?
  6. Does the external examiner look at my paper before the exam is copied?
  7. How do I update the solutions for my course (published at
  8. Who invigilates the exam?
  9. How do I know where and when my exam will be scheduled?
  10. Should I as examiner be present in the exaination venue for the whole period?
  11. Where do I get the papers to grade?
  12. How does the anonymous marking system work in TCD?
  13. What are the procedures for marking scripts?
  14. What happens when I have graded the scripts?
  15. I have continuous assessment to be added in to get the final grade. How do I do that with anonymous final exams?
  16. Whch examiners meeting must I attend?
  17. What are the procedures for storing scripts?
  18. What are the procedures for allowing students see their own scripts?
  19. What are the dates when students can get their own results?