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School of Mathematics

A Modest Proposal

I. For the preparation of exams we form six groups.

  1. T.P. Mod. (3rd and 4th Year)
  2. Maths Mod. (3rd and 4th Year)
  3. 2nd Year Maths & T.P. Exams
  4. 1st Year Maths & T.P. Exams
  5. Science Exams
  6. Engineering Exams

Each group will look over all the exams in that group, to see that they are typo free, clear of intent, and conform to reasonable standards. As well as helping the exams process this gives everyone a wider perspective of the whole course. One meeting should suffice for each group.

Points to each question, sub question etc. written on script.

II. Mike F, John, Conor, Sinead, Richard and Donal take the lead for each of these groups this year.

III. For all groups the same six items should be supplied for each exam.

  1. A Course Outline
  2. Examination
  3. Model Solutions
  4. Marking Scheme
  5. An Indication of what is pure bookwork and what is not
  6. The points awarded to each question, sub question, etc, should be clearly written on the exam.

IV. The Scholarship Exams will be looked after by 2nd Year Maths and T.P., by Science, by Engineering, and the T.S.M. Scholarship by the 1st Year Maths group.

V. If the exam says to answer x questions, then it is not permissible to change this during the marking process. Any adjustments should be of a piecewise linear variety, so that the ranking of candidates in each exam is retained.

V. Moderatorship examinations should normally answer six questions out of eight or nine. Deviation is allowed but not recommended. Over many years most external examiners have been very insistent about this. The externs will be notified long before the exams are sent that a few exams will be of differing types.