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School of Mathematics

3  Dates and deadlines

Dates for 2009
  • Exams needing typing, in the office by the end of Hilary term
  • Exams already typed, in the office week after the end of Hilary term
  • Exam meetings to take place Mon/Tues 30th/31st of March (times to be decided; four meetings, one for JF Maths/TP/TSM, one for SF. one for Science and another for Engineering)
  • Exam period 18th of May - Fri 12th June - Note: Most Examinations will take place by Monday the 8th of June
  • Anonymous exam results should be submitted for de-anonymisation as soon as they are ready, ideally within a week of the exam
    Deadline: results due by Wed the 10th of June except for exceptional ones due as soon as possible
  • Examiners Meetings - dates to be fixed (possibly Tues/Wed June 23/24)
  • Publication of results - results are not given to students until they are officially published - variable dates but many published Friday June 26th

4  Examination period - procedures