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2  Preparation Procedure

The procedure is that we schedule a meeting among examiners of related modules before the papers are sent off to the Senior Lecturer's office for duplication. The aim of the meeting is to identify (and address) as many issues as we can. Apart from mistakes that might be spotted (accuracy is the responsibility of individual examiners), these meetings can consider whether the examination questions appear to be at the right level of difficulty and length. For that, model solutions (perhaps hand-written) should be prepared. It may also help to avoid undue overlap between questions on different papers for the same student (or even on the same paper if there are multiple examiners). We also try to check that the rubric on the examination is clear.
Meetings to be scheduled (in week starting March 30th):
  1. JF Maths/TP/TSM
  2. SF Maths/TP/TSM
  3. Science 1S* and 2S*
  4. Engineering (1E*, 2E* and 3E1)

3  Dates and deadlines