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System for returning anonymous marks

These instructions are for examiners.

In a nutshell

You should copy the mark return file for your exam from the directory /u2/staff/stafinfo/Exams2012/AnnualAnonymousReturnForms/ into a directory (or folder) of your own. For example, if your current working directory is the one in which you wish to process the marks then the following command

cp /u2/staff/stafinfo/Exams2012/AnnualAnonymousReturnForms/AnnualReturn_MA2223_MA2224_2012.txt .

should copy the mark return file for modules MA2223/MA2224 into your current working directory (under FreeBSD and Linux operating systems). Of course you replace MA2223_MA2224 in the above filename with the module codes for your paper (which is just one code in some cases - MA1E01 for instance has filename AnnualReturn_MA1E01_2012.txt. And the full stop (or period) at the end of the above command is part of the command.

Edit the copy with your text editor of choice (e.g., vi, vim, emacs, xedit, maybe even Notepad on Windows). For example:

emacs AnnualReturn_MA2223_MA2224_2012.txt

Assuming you filled in the marks (or ABS) on each line there (after each MAxxxx>) and answered the questions at the head of the file, you can do

/u2/staff/stafinfo/Exams2012/ AnnualReturn_MA2223_MA2224_2012.txt

to submit the marks for de-anonymisation. If you get errors, you have to address them (by editing the file) and try submitting again.

However, for those using their own desktop machines, this will not work because the script will complain that it does not recognise the hostname of the machine you are on. You need to be on one of the main maths servers to run this, for instance walton. To get there do ssh walton, then cd to where you have the marks. (The reason for this restriction is that the script relies on having access to libraries that are not installed everywhere.)

If no errors, you should get an email with the de-anonymised marks withing a day or so.

Assuming you have to add in assessment marks, send the combined marks (as percentages in the totals column) to if they are Maths/TP/TSM or to for Science. For Engineers, send them directly to the School of Engineering. Please cc all final marks to Fionnuala at

Please check the more detailed information.