Transmitting News

Innd makes lists of articles to be sent, and this is controled by newsfeeds. We have things set up so that our various outgoing feeds are run through bufchan - a buffering program. These lists are then written into various files for each host in spool/out.going where newsxd takes over.

Newsxd has a list of how to deal with various hosts, and runs a program to feed the news listed in the various files in spool/out.going. You can control the times during which it is OK to send news and the like. Newsxd can be controled to some extent with signals - see the manual page ( not as good as the ages for the inn stuff but ... ).

Our final program is nntplink, which actually feeds the articles to their destination. Nntplink is designed to run all the time there is work to be done. Nntplink is supposed to be better than nntpxmit because it is supposed to transmit the article before it leaves the machines disk cache.

Some of more files

Where the lists of articles for each host are spooled, and where scratch files during transmission are written.
Newsxd's config file telling it what to run to transmit lists of articles to who and when.
The current newsxd's pid.
Send newsxd a SIGQUIT to get the current status in this file.