Timetable for weak matrix elements: fifth session

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Session chair: Stefano Capitani
Time Presenter Title
Fri 16:20-16:40 Dirk Broemmel Structure of the pion from full lattice QCD
Fri 16:40-17:00 C.-J. David Lin Aspects of twist-two matrix elements
Fri 17:00-17:20 Gerrit Schierholz Generalized parton distributions from full lattice QCD
Fri 17:20-17:40 Thomas Streuer Lowest moment of parton distribution function and axial charge from quenched overlap fermions
Fri 17:40-18:00 James Zanotti Second moment of the pion's distribution amplitude
Fri 18:00-18:20 Federico Mescia Kaon B-parameter with NF=2 Wilson fermions