Timetable for weak matrix elements: third session

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Session chair: C.J. David Lin
Time Presenter Title
Wed 09:00-09:20 Jun Noaki K->pi pi from electroweak penguins in N_f=2 domain-wall QCD
Wed 09:20-09:40 Takeshi Yamazaki Delta I = 3/2 kaon weak matrix elements with non-zero total momentum
Wed 09:40-10:00 Christopher Sachrajda Twisted Boundary Conditions in Lattice Simulations
Wed 10:00-10:20 Andreas Juttner A numerical study of partially twisted boundary conditions
Wed 10:20-10:40 Masashi Hayakawa Hadronic light-by-light scattering contribution to the muon g-2 from lattice QCD: Methodology