Timetable for topology and confinement: sixth session

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Session chair: Uwe-Jens Wiese
Time Presenter Title
Thu 16:20-16:40 Michael Engelhardt String tensions and deconfinement transition in the SU(4) center vortex model
Thu 16:40-17:00 Markus Quandt Center Vortex Model for SU(3) Yang-Mills Theory
Thu 17:00-17:20 Hugo Reinhardt The Center Vortex Field Propagator
Thu 17:20-17:40 Maxim Chernodub Liquid crystal defects of Yang-Mills theory in Landau gauge
Thu 17:40-18:00 Philippe de Forcrand 't Hooft loops and perturbation theory
Thu 18:00-18:20 Hank Thacker D-branes and Topological Charge Fluctuations in QCD