Topology and confinement poster session

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Giuseppe Burgio Ergodic SO(3), monopole condensation and vortex free energy
Paolo Cea Deconfinement phase transitions in external fields
Gyozo Egri Topology with dynamical overlap fermions
Sadataka Furui The running coupling in lattice Landau gauge with unquenched Wilson fermion and KS fermion
Stefano Lottini The glue-ball spectrum of pure percolation
Stefan Olejnik Gribov horizon under the (lattice) microscope
Marco Panero Studying glueball masses in non-Abelian LGT with the LW algorithm
Arwed Schiller Topological and phase structure of an effective double-Higgs model superconductivity and gluodynamics
Tsuneo Suzuki Color confinement mechanism and the vacuum type of SU(2) gluodynamics