Timetable for improvement and renormalisation: second session

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Session chair: Gunnar Bali
Time Presenter Title
Fri 14:10-14:30 Richie Morrin Tuning anisotropies for dynamical gauge configurations
Fri 14:30-14:50 Francesco Di Renzo Wilson fermions quark bilinears to three loops
Fri 14:50-15:10 Holger Perlt Perturbative renormalisation of quark bilinear operators for overlap fermions with and without stout links and improved gauge action
Fri 15:10-15:30 Beatrix Pollakowski Testing Fermion Actions: Scaling in the Schwinger Model
Fri 15:30-15:50 Yigal Shamir The fourth root of the staggered-fermion determinant: locality via renormalization-group block transformations