Timetable for hadron spectrum and quark masses: eighth session

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Session chair: Norman Christ
Time Presenter Title
Thu 16:20-16:40 Martin Gürtler Quark masses from quenched overlap fermions
Thu 16:40-17:00 Roger Horsley A determination of the strange quark mass for unquenched clover fermions using the AWI
Thu 17:00-17:20 Cecilia Tarantino Non-perturbatively Renormalized Light Quark Masses with Two Dynamical Fermions
Thu 17:20-17:40 Robert Tweedie Light meson and strange quark masses in 2+1 flavour Domain Wall QCD from QCDOC
Thu 17:40-18:00 Valentina Porretti Operator product expansion and quark condensate from LQCD in coordinate space
Thu 18:00-18:20 Maarten Golterman Double poles in Lattice QCD with mixed actions