Timetable for hadron spectrum and quark masses: third session

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Session chair: John Negele
Time Presenter Title
Mon 16:20-16:40 Pietro Faccioli Studying diquark correlations in the nucleon by means of lattice QCD simulations
Mon 16:40-17:00 Biagio Lucini Searching for diquarks in hadrons
Mon 17:00-17:20 Konstantinos Orginos Diquark properties from lattice QCD
Mon 17:20-17:40 Andreas Schaefer Moments of Generalized Tensor Parton Distributions
Mon 17:40-18:00 Wolfram Schroers Hadron structure with light dynamical quarks: generalized parton distributions
Mon 18:00-18:20 Tomomi Ishikawa Light hadron spectrum and quark masses in 2+1 flavor QCD