Timetable for hadron spectrum and quark masses: eleventh session

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Session chair: Tom Blum
Time Presenter Title
Fri 16:20-16:40 Koichi Hashimoto The static quark potential in 2+1 flavour Domain Wall QCD from QCDOC
Fri 16:40-17:00 Meifeng Lin Probing the chiral limit of m_pi and f_pi in 2+1 flavor QCD with domain wall fermions from QCDOC
Fri 17:00-17:20 Robert Mawhinney Gauge Action Effects on 3 Flavor QCD with Domain Wall Fermions
Fri 17:20-17:40 Shigemi Ohta Heavy-light mesons with domain wall fermions
Fri 17:40-18:00 Tommy Burch Meson wavefunctions from static-quark probes with excited glue
Fri 18:00-18:20 Chris Maynard Baryons in 2+1 flavour Domain Wall QCD from QCDOC