Hadron spectrum and quark masses poster session

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Presenter Title
Constantia Alexandrou Examining whether the volume dependence of spectral weights can distinguish between a resonance and a scattering state
Ronald Babich Light baryon spectroscopy and diquark correlations in quenched QCD with overlap quarks on a large lattice.
Claude Bernard Update on pi, K Physics
Dieter Hierl The Exotic Baryon Theta^+(1540) on the Lattice
Alan Irving Scalar glueball and meson spectroscopy in unquenched lattice QCD with improved staggered quarks
Taku Izubuchi Study of Flavour singlet meson in two-flavour Domain Wall QCD
Jimmy Juge Exotic spectroscopy on dynamical anisotropic lattices
Giannis Koutsou Density-density correlators using all to all propagators
Frank Lee Magnetic polarizability of hadrons in the background field method
Randy Lewis The hadron spectrum from twisted mass QCD with a strange quark
Jenny Pickavance Twisted mass fermions: neutral pion masses from disconnected contributions.
Motoo Sekiguchi I=1/2 Scalar and Axial Vector Mesons
Yukinari Sumino OPE Analysis of QCD Potential and Determination of Lambda_MSbar
Aurora Trivini Asymptotic Scaling and Monte Carlo Data
Walter Wilcox Disconnected Loops with Twisted Mass Lattice QCD
Anthony Williams Light-Quark FLIC Fermion Simulations of the 1-+ Exotic Meson
Naoya Ukita Scaling test of dynamical Wilson twisted mass fermions with DBW2 gauge action
Georg von Hippel Automated Methods in Chiral Perturbation Theory on the Lattice