Timetable for finite temperature and density: tenth session

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Session chair: Don Sinclair
Time Presenter Title
Fri 16:20-16:40 Gernot Akemann Two-colour Lattice QCD with dynamical fermions at non-zero density versus Matrix Models
Fri 16:40-17:00 Fu-Jiun Jiang Phase diagram of strongly coupled 2-color QCD in the chiral limit
Fri 17:00-17:20 Ettore Vicari Finite-temperature chiral transition in QCD with quarks in the fundamental and adjoint representation
Fri 17:20-17:40 James Osborn Eigenvalue correlations in quenched QCD at finite density
Fri 17:40-18:00 Kurt Langfeld Zero density heavy quark SU(2) gauge theory and the Stefan-Boltzmann limit