Finite temperature and density poster session

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Presenter Title
Shailesh Chandrasekharan Chiral limit of 2-color QCD at strong couplings
Juergen Engels The chiral transition of N_f=2 QCD with fundamental and adjoint fermions
Simon Hands Phase transitions in dense 2-color QCD with Wilson fermions
Chulwoo Jung Thermodynamics using P4-improved staggered fermion action on QCDOC
Xiang-Qian Luo Phase Structure of Lattice QCD with Wilson and Neuberger Quarks at Finite Temperature and Density
Harald Markum Sonification of lattice data: the spectrum of the Dirac operator across the deconfinement transition
Konstantin Petrov Quarkonium spectral functions at finite temperature from the Fermilab action on anisotropic lattices
Takashi Umeda Remarks on the Maximum Entropy Method applied to finite temperature lattice QCD