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M.Sc. in High-Performance Computing


Students on the course have full access to a dedicated computing laboratory, equipped with workstations, audio-visual equipment and a printer.

For developing software for their projects, students will have access to the large-scale computing resources managed by the Trinity Centre for High-Performance Computing. These computers include "moloch" and "iitac". IITAC is a 346 node parallel cluster, where each node comprises two 2.4GHz Opteron processor. The nodes are connected with a high-performance Infiniband interconnect, enabling efficient parallel processing for many applications. The system was supplied by IBM and delivered in 2005. It is currently the 326th biggest computer in the world.

The Trinity Centre for High-Performance Computing also manages a scientific visualisation facility. This installation, the only one in Ireland, has state-of-the-art 3d stereoscopic capability, and is used to help scientists and engineers gain a deeper insight into their data