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M.Sc. in High-Performance Computing


Successful graduates of the course go on to careers in technical and scientific computing and modelling, either in industrial or academic positions. A substantial number of graduates begin research towards their Ph.D. directly after completing the course, studying topics as diverse as astrophysics, biomolecular modelling, fluid mechanics and financial mathematics.

The skills learned during the course allow the student to construct and determine the dynamics of sophisticated models of complex systems, and these skills have allowed many of our graduates to prosper in commercial analysis jobs. Many graduates go on to positions in the finance industries.

The technical and technological skills learned during the year allow many students to work directly in the IT sector, either directly in advanced software development or in the optimisation of large codes to high-performance computing platforms.

As a successful graduate of the course, you will have career opportunities in;

  • Academic Research
  • Engineering and Industiral Simulation
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Software Engineering
  • HPC Systems Support and Development