Dublin University Maths Society

Welcome To Dublin University Maths Society

Mathsoc dates back to 1923, when it was founded by a group of students including Ernest Walton, Ireland's only Nobel Laureate in Physics.


Upcoming events

Mafia Night


It's our first week back, what better way to celebrate/take out your rage than spend an evening wildly accusing, lynching and murdering your friends in mafia? No need to know the rules. Refreshments will be provided, so come along and join the party!

Murder Mystery


Join us for a real-life game of Cluedo on Tuesday December 6th... with 6 suspects, over 80 clues to find, multiple rooms to search and one gruesome murder, it's due to be a very eventful night. Contact the auditor on the above address if you'd like to solve the mystery with us, and remember that we're splitting into teams of 4 so you can bring along some friends too! Can you figure out who the murderer is?

Monday Night Brawl
Mondays from 6pm


Join us in the mathsoc room from 6pm every Monday to play Brawl, newcomers welcome! We'll have at least 2 setups running brawl each with up to 4 players. We'll be playing a large variety of game modes, 1v1's, duos, all for ones and of course, Danter. We will be hosting a mathsoc tournament later in the year so get in practice here! Next semester will also see a handful of societies in Trinity competing against each other to be crowned the King (or Queen) of Smash!